University of Wisconsin–Madison

Month: May 2018

WIDNR to hire Mary C. Anderson as Conservation Agriculture Specialist

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has hired a new Conservation Agriculture Specialist that will focus on developing grazing as a grasslands management tool.  See the May 23rd announcement below from Kent Van Horn, Chief of the Bird and Wildlife section of the WIDNR.


I am very pleased to announce that we have hired our first Conservation Agriculture Specialist to help us manage our growing grazing program. As many of you know, we are challenged with the work load of managing over 80,000 acres of grassland on Department properties using a range of management tools including prescribed fire, brush control, haying and chemical application. These grasslands are important to a variety of wildlife species and our public land users. Our creative property managers have explored using grazing as an additional tool to manage these important grassland habitats for wildlife habitat and public use. As the program has expanded, the need to create a vision for the future, assist our land managers with grazing plans and create statewide consistency in process/policy developed. We have had come great partners that have advised our work and helped us move forward to this point. We created the position of Conservation Agriculture Specialist to lead our grazing management program. Once advertised, we had an amazing interest in this position with 2-3 times the number of applications we anticipated and we interviewed a group of highly qualified candidates.

We are excited to announce that we have hired “Mary C.” Anderson to provide this expertise and lead this program into the future.

Mary C. will start with the Department on May 29. Mary will have statewide duties and will work out of the Eau Claire office. Please welcome her and take the opportunity to introduce yourself in the weeks to come.